Urban Metro…A new creation by Edgar Berebi.  It is an American classic with a strong linear design that complements the modern as well as the traditional.  Edgar Berebi is a well-known designer and manufacturer.  His background in jewelry and fine home décor is apparent in its meticulous engraving and detail.  We like to think of each piece as a work of art in concept and design that makes the home unique.

There are 24 collections available in 17 finishes…all hand crafted, hand polished and hand finished.  Each collection has a full suite of sizes to include longer pulls to fit the larger, more dramatic cabinetry yet is still understated in its appearance.  Some collections include our new knob-pull that has a low profile but is linear to match the pulls.

We are 100% American made; all designs are copyrighted with the Library of Congress.

You will find all of our architectural hardware in the finest designer hardware and plumbing showrooms in the USA and Canada.